Hidromode Hidrolik Makina San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
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About us

Hidromode has been producing hydraulic press and hydraulic machines for industries automotive , White etal , lastic , plastic , smc polyester and etc since 1979 in succes.

The manufacturing fields in success are hydraulic deep drawing presses , forming and cutting presses , plastic , polyester , ureaformaldehite , bacalite , lastik vulcanization hot presses , uncoiler straightener and cut to lenght lines of steel sheets in production lines of white metal , dishwasher , refrigirator, air conditioner , heater , radiator panel , industrial and homeware kitchen goods and equipmentary , automotive parts manufacturing sectors , PLC controlled automation and transfer systems etc. Hidromopde has gained income to domestic industry and international dealers thanks to hundreds of machines has been produced.
Hidromode has 2500 sqm closed area for manufacturing and 1000 sqm area for administration and technical offices ready for high wıeght pres manufaturing also cranes each able to carry up to 50 tons are installed to manufacturing holes. So Hidrmode is able to design nad manufacture high pressing force hydraulic presses.
Our aim to produce high tonnage hdraulic presses , systems and machinery for our domestic and foreign clients in high quality , in european quality and CE norms , functional and reasonable cost.

Hidromode Hydraulic Press

Hidromode , since 1977 designs and manufactures  hydraulic presses  for industries of automotive , white metal , lastic , plastic , smc polyester and etc sectors.. >>

Hidromode Product Catalogue

Hidromode Hydraulic Machinery
Corporate Catalogue >>

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Hadımköy Mahallesi Mustafa İnan Caddesi No:29 Hadımköy Arnavutköy / İSTANBUL
+(90) 212 771 2901
+(90) 212 771 2928
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