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In his sophomore year at Arizona State, Pedroia broke out his Ted Williams impression, hitting in.404, walking 36 times against only 13 strikeouts, slugging a NCAA-leading 34 doubles, and finishing having a 1.042 Ops. His outstanding performance both while at bat and with a field earned him a Pacific 10 Conference Co-Player of the whole year award, the place on the All-American second team, as well as the title of this 2003 NCAA Defensive Player of all seasons.

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Hidromode Hidrolik

Hidromode¸ 1977 yılından beri hidrolik pres ve hidrolik makinalar üretimi ile ülkemizin beyaz eşya¸ otomotiv¸ lastik¸ plastik ve polyester endüstrilerine hizmet vermektedir. >>

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